The Wind Generator

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The Wind Generator

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7003-8 The Wind Generator


The Wind Generator

Energy conversion is an essential concept used in all areas of science. The Wind Generator is a great teaching tool for this fundamental concept.Electromagnetic induction and Lenz's Law can also be explained with this apparatus.

Place The Wind Generator in the path of a breeze and the fan will rotate and generate an electric current anywhere between approximately 0 and 2.5 volts. Secure the supporting rod to a lab bench and the wind vane on the tail moves the fan to face into the wind.

A voltmeter, light bulb or buzzer can be attached to the terminals on the back of the generator to indicate an electrical current. Electrical leads and accessories not included, but available for separate purchase.

    Fan Diameter: 41 cm (20 inches)
    Height (Assembled): 52 cm (20.5 inches)
    Width: 30 cm (12 inches)

Measurements are approximate.


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