Bacterial Contamination of Water

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Bacterial Contamination of Water

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NS20-3553 Bacterial Contamination of Water


Bacterial Contamination of Water

Test Kit

A firsthand look at water contamination by bacteria.

Investigate the environmental issues caused by waterborne bacteria. Your class will test a variety of water samples they collect for possible contamination by coliform and other bacterial strains. They’ll also perform a total plate count of bacteria and observe bacterial smears under a microscope. Your students will-

  • Understand the sources of bacterial contamination in water
  • Collect water samples and inoculate agar plates
  • Identify and count bacterial colonies
  • Observe bacterial smears under the microscope
  • Learn the effects of bacterial contamination of water on human health and ways to minimize the risk of contamination

Accommodates class size of 40 students.


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