Biochemistry I (Introduction to)

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Biochemistry I (Introduction to)

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KS2-216 Biochemistry I (Introduction to)


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Biochemistry I (Introduction to)

Target Grade: 8-11

A dynamic experience is in store for both teacher and pupil using Kemtec's Introduction to Biochemistry Kits. Designed to give the pupil the opportunity to actively participate in five basic experiments from start to finish, this kit will introduce the upper level elementary, as well as junior high student, to the chemistry of living materials. A meaningful vitality is injected into the learning process as the world of biochemistry is related to everyday living. The experience gained by performing the test procedures will prepare students for the first year of biology or general science courses.

Experiments which can be performed:

    1. The composition of cellular materials
    2. Protein digestion by the enzyme pepsin
    3. The enzyme activity of saliva
    4. Ascorbic acid determination
    5. Determination of the alkalinity of acidity of foods

Kit Contains:

  • Instructor Manual
  • Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Methods of Assessment Manual
  • pH paper 1-14
  • Pipettes
  • Filter Paper
  • Forceps
  • Indophenol
  • Ninhydrin
  • Pepsin
  • Starch
  • Protein
  • Ascorbic Acid
  • Glucose
  • Sudan Solution
  • Benedict's Solution
  • Biuret Solution
  • Acetone Solution
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Potassium Solution
  • Hydrochloric Acid Solution


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