Intermediate Stereo Microscopes

Intermediate Stereo Microscopes

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This stereo microscope can be used for studying living material and dissection\r\nof small specimens. This stereo microscope is equipped with dual magnification\r\nand three-way illumination. This illuminated model can be used with transmitted\r\n(bottom) light, incidental (top) light or both with 115V/15W tungsten lamp.\r\n
\r\nFeatures include: Cast metal construction, crisp, erect, 3-D image, Adjustable\r\ninterpupillary distance of 55 to 75mm paired. Left eye tube has independent\r\nfocus, rotatable 900 degrees by turret head, paired widefield eyepieces 450\r\ninclined, with diopter adjustment, paired objectives are parfocalled, parcentered,\r\nachromatic.
\r\nSupplied with plastic dust cover.\r\n


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Model #Objective Eyepiece Magnification
400200 1x & 2x WF10x 10x & 20x
400201 1x & 3x WF10x 10x & 30x
400202 1x & 3x WF15x 15x & 45x
400203 2x & 4x WF10x 20x & 40x
400204 2x & 4x WF15x 30x & 60x

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