Environmental Extremes Plant Growth Kit

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Environmental Extremes Plant Growth Kit

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KSEE-5000-KIT Environmental Extremes Plant Growth Kit


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Environmental Extremes Plant Growth Kit

Target Grade: 6-12

Simulate the conditions of acid rain, saline soils, drought and erosion in the classroom. A complete introductory unit on environmental studies. Six experimental protocols lead your students through weeks of hands on, scientifically sound experimentation demonstrating current environmental concerns. Designed for grades 10-12, but easily adaptable for use in biology courses and/or to accommodate independent study and honors level students within the standard course of study. This kit introduces students to sound scientific method processes, then invites them to design their own experiments as a comfortable next step, once they have become familiar with experimental protocols, data collection, and data analysis. A great way to introduce students to thinking like scientists and engage them in individualized science fair projects. Acids not included. Includes reproducible student protocols and an instructor manual. Designed for 24 students.

Kit Contains:

  • Environmental Plant Growth Manual
  • Plastic Stirring Rod - 12 pieces
  • Weigh Dish - 6 pieces
  • Black Marker - 6 pieces
  • Graduated Cylinder 10 ml, Poly - 6 pieces
  • Graduated Cylinder 100 ml, Poly - 6 pieces
  • Graduated Cylinder 100 ml, Poly - 6 pieces
  • Erlenmeyer Flask, 250 ml - 30 pieces
  • Vinyl Gloves, Large - 100 pack
  • Vinyl Gloves, Medium - 100 pack
  • Parafilm, 4 in x 125 ft - 1 roll
  • pH Paper Strips - 6 pieces
  • 6 in Ruler - 6 pieces
  • 12 in Ruler -6 pieces
  • Plastic Cup, 10 oz - 96 pieces
  • Plastic Container, 5 in - 6 pieces
  • Bag of Soil - 120 pieces
  • Petri Dish - 66 pieces
  • Corn Seeds - 1 bag
  • Acid pH Solution Set - 6 sets
  • Sodium Chloride
  • Green Bean Bush Seed - 3 bags
  • Sheets of Construction Paper, Black - 12 pieces
  • Paper Towel Strips, 2 in - 12 pieces
  • Roll of Masking Tape - 1 pieces
  • Forceps - 6 pieces
  • Magnifier, 10x - 6 pieces
  • Plastic Spoon - 6 pieces
  • Blue Dry-erase Marker - 12 pieces
  • Write-N-Wipe Board, 1 cm Grid - 6 pieces
  • Spray Bottle - 6 pieces
  • Alcohol Wipe - 24 pieces
  • Container, 18 gal - 1 piece

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