Assemble & Learn Green Roof Model

Assemble & Learn Green Roof Model

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KT7002-55 Assemble & Learn Green Roof Model


Assemble & Learn Green Roof Model

  • Teach students how to build a green roof
  • Fun, hands-on way to learn about 'green' building
  • Easy to assemble with photo instructions in 1-hour or less

Designed as an accurate representation of a mini functioning green roof, the Assemble & Learn Green Roof Model offers the opportunity to teach green roof construction first hand at very low cost. This model also provides an excellent way to demonstrate the functionality and benefits of green roof technology, how it works, and how it will benefit the building.

For classroom teaching, the Assemble & Learn Green Roof Model comes with lesson plans and an activity guide at the Middle School and High School levels. The model is designed to be assembled by students within one 45 minute class period.

The Assemble & Learn Green Roof Model includes an aluminum rooftop, roof membrane, filter fabric, perimeter edging, drainage aggregate (gravel) and growth media. A plexiglas viewing window allows access to inner workings of the green roof. In the center is a roof drain and built-up drain box assembly. Secondary drain is provided at perimeter wall in non vegetated area with scupper fence to prevent clogging by media and debris. Water drains to a concealed trough and out a spigot into a graduated container receptacle for measuring purposes. The unit also comes with a thermometer and probe to measure and compare membrane temperature.

Ideal for

  • School Environmental Initiatives
  • Green Curriculum

Tray size: 16x21x2 Inches
Assembled Height: 4.5 Inches


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