Activity Series AP Kit

Activity Series AP Kit

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\r\nThe Activity Series of Metals is a table of metals \r\narranged in the order of their decreasing chemical \r\nactivity-the ease at which the metal will give up one or \r\nmore electrons to form positive ions. For example, in this \r\ngroup of metals, magnesium, mercury and nickel, magnesium \r\nis the most reactive and mercury the least reactive. The \r\nActivity Series of Metals is similar to the \r\nelectrochemical series of elements. \r\n
\r\n    With this lab, students can \r\nempirically determine which metals are more reactive by \r\nplacing a piece of one metal in a salt solution of another \r\nmetal. The more reactive metal will replace the less \r\nreactive metal and the less reactive metal will appear in \r\nsolid form. The more reactive metal has been oxidized; the \r\nless reactive metal has been reduced. \r\n
\r\n    All experiments have been prepared \r\nand bench tested under the guidance of AP chemistry \r\nteachers. Lab includes chemicals, an instructional guide, \r\nthe appropriate MSDS, and enough materials for fifteen \r\nset-ups. The small amount of chemicals makes for faster \r\nprep time, easier clean up, and fewer disposal worries. Must Ship by Truck. Pricing includes a hazardous material shipping charge.\r\n

\r\n  Chemicals included:\r\n
    pk/15    Copper metal strips\r\n

\r\n    pk/15    5" Magnesium metal strips\r\n

\r\n    pk/15    3/8 x5" Lead metal strips\r\n

\r\n    pk/60    Zinc metal pieces \r\n

\r\n    3 ea    50 ml Cupric Nitrate, 0.1M Soln; 50 ml Zinc Nitrate, 0.1M Soln; \r\n
\r\n            50 ml Magnesium Nitrate, 0.1M Soln; 50 ml Lead Nitrate, 0.1M Soln\r\n

\r\n    1 ea    100 ml Bromine Water Soln; 100 ml Chlorine Water Soln; 100ml Iodine Water Soln\r\n

\r\n    2 ea    50 ml Sodium Bromide, 0.1M Soln; 50 ml Potassium Iodide, 0.1N Soln; \r\n
\r\n           50 ml Sodium Chloride, 0.1M Soln\r\n

\r\n    2 ea    100 ml Mineral Oil\r\np

\r\nAll twenty-two AP Chemistry Kits are available individually, or as a complete set. See No.800000 for more information.\r\n


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