About Us

We help you bring science to life.

Basic Science Supplies carries a full line of the highest quality, most advanced science products available. We provide supplies to K-12 science teachers, department heads, entire school districts, homeschoolers, colleges and universities and even amateur scientists.

In addition to a full line of classroom supplies, Basic Science Supplies also carries small-sized packages of science materials for homeschoolers, parents and students looking to round up materials for small lessons, homework, or science fair projects. Small-sized packages are also great for the classroom teacher who only needs to replace one or two items.

At Basic Science Supplies, we understand that the needs of individual students differ from districts. We also understand the sophisticated needs at the higher education level. That is why we will cater every order to meet your needs, from the most “basic” to the most advanced.

Basic Science Supplies

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Who We Serve

If you are in need of quality science supplies, you have come to the right place. We have everything you need in one convenient online store and are happy to accommodate orders of all sizes, from individual items for home use to large-scale quantities for entire departments or districts.

K – 12

Basic Science Supplies offers quality science products, tools and complete kits to help teachers, department heads, parents and students make the most of their lessons, experiments and classroom needs.

Higher Education

From the most basic to the most advanced, Basic Science Supplies provides you with the latest technology and quality science supplies you need for classes from the 100 level to graduate work.


We make it easy for homeschoolers to purchase the science supplies they need without ordering large quantities with astronomical price tags. We understand that everyone’s needs are different and give homeschoolers access to quality educational products without the hassle or high cost.

The Scientist In You

Basic Science Supplies provides quality products at reasonable prices for just about anyone who needs them. Whether you are an amateur scientist or simply looking to have fun with experiments, we have the tools you need to bring science to life.

How We’re Different

More than just the basics.

Basic Science Supplies gives you the tools you need to bring science to life. We provide the highest quality, most advanced products on the market, but we don’t stop there.

We offer added value to all of our science supplies, including lesson plans, experiments, classroom activities and more.

Basic Science Supplies

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